Product Descriptions


FTI has many vendor distributor agreements in place to provide highly competitive pricing on transmit, receive packages, and  miscellaneous equipment such as amplifiers, LNB's, and network control software that will keep your network running perfectly.


The satellite dish is an antenna, and like all antennas, the larger the better.
Dishes under one meter in size like those provided with HughesNet or Direcway service are more susceptible to rain. That’s one reason why we always use a 2.4 meter or larger dish antenna.
Also, the larger dishes use bigger transmitters which allows for higher upload speeds through the satellite connection.
In most areas of the U.S. a 1.2 meter dish is sufficient to subscribe to our satellite Internet service. In some areas, a larger dish may be required depending on the bandwidth plan requested or your plans of upgrading bandwidth in the future.


BUCs & LNBs     

Norsat Advantages

  • Norsat LNBs are graded by satellite and and Noise Temperature to provide the perfect balance between required performance and cost
  • Proven reliability for lower lifetime costs
  • Excellent DRO LO stability to control receiver drift and employ lower bit rates or narrower space segment
  • Excellent Phase Noise to Lower Carrier to Noise margins improving BER

BUC - Block Up Converter

The VSAT Systems standard outdoor equipment starts with the most powerful solution in the industry, a full 4-watt transmitter (BUC) (more than 4x the power of most satellite internet services). When coupled with a 2.4, 3.1, or 3.8 meter satellite dish, the performance is unparalleled.

iDirect Satellite Modems     

The VSAT Systems Series 5100 Satellite Router provides an economical entry point into satellite networking. The 5100 supplies all the hardware and software you need to meet all your essential remote broadband needs. Optimized for remote Internet access, the VSAT Systems Series 5100 is an ideal solution for small to medium enterprise customers with basic remote networking needs.

Able to deliver broadband access of up to 18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream, the 5100 can support all your IP applications remotely, including VoIP and basic Video. VSAT Systems' series 5100 remote satellite router is a “single box” solution that includes a satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration over satellite, and QoS/prioritization in an easy to deploy, reliable design.

Optional Equipment

Are you tired of loosing your signal due to snow or ice? Satellite antenna De-icing systems or Snow Covers are necessary for any antennas that are located in cold weather climates. They keep the reflector and feed horn free of ice and snow and allow the user uninterrupted reception and transmission of satellite signals.

FTI can custom build your satellite earth station, from a fixed mount, temporary non-pen mount, mobile or otherwise. We can find a solution to solve your communications needs.