SCOLA Hardware & Information


SCOLA has many digitally compressed channels available to North America, Hawaii, the Caribbean and regions of South America. SCOLA is on satellite Galaxy 19 (G19) at 97 degrees West.


Technical Information

SCOLA programming can be received throughout the United States on your local cable system. If SCOLA is not being carried in your area ask your cable operator to contact SCOLA 712-566-2202 or


Hardware Requirements and Providers  


In order to receive the SCOLA programming you will need to make sure you have contacted SCOLA. 

When you receive your WEGENER Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD), also called a Digital Video Receiver (DVR) or Satellite Receiver, please call SCOLA with the serial and address numbers so they can activate the system

If you have a C-Band satellite system :


Shipping Included: Receivers are first shipped to SCOLA for programming, then shipped to the delivery address on the Purchase Request. 

Rack-mount IRD



Norsat Model 8230 Digital Ready C-Band LNB (Phase stability Rating of +/- 250Khz)

Phase Stable LNB



If you don't have a C-Band satellite system:  Give us a call for more information.

Description of equipment to add to top table above Estimated Costs
Minimum of 3 Meter Solid or Perforated C Band Receive Reflector (Dish) $1,999
Heavy Duty AZ / EL Mount  
C-Band Feed with Polarity Servo Control  
( If antenna location is less than 300 ft. from IRD/DVR, then RG-6 coax can be used. )
Norsat 8225 LNB +/- 250Hz  
Installation Assist Depends on location