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FTI has many vendor distributor agreements in place to provide highly competitive pricing on transmit, receive packages, and  miscellaneous equipment such as amplifiers, LNB's, and network control software that will keep your network running perfectly.

Elfiq Link Load Balancers

The Elfiq Link Load Balancer (or Link LB) provides redundant connectivity by balancing multiple Internet and private links from various providers. This technology is also known as a WAN load balancer. Elfiq Link Load Balancers are built around our Elfiq Operating System (EOS) which has proven to be very powerful and robust. The hardware platform for our products has no mechanical parts, which reduces the risk of hardware failures. Our product's entire configuration resides in Flash memory on the device to enhance robustness and performance.
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NetEqualizer Bandwidth Shaper

NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth shaping systems designed for voice and data networks. The flexible, scalable and cost-effective bandwidth control products can be deployed in both corporate and service provider networks. NetEqualizer is plug-and-play, installing in minutes. NetEqualizer appliances automatically shape traffic based on built-in fairness rules. This approach allows network administrators and operators to quickly and easily bring network traffic into balance without having to build and manage extensive policy libraries and with no changes to existing network infrastructure.
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Qbik Software: Proxy Server, VPN, & NetPatrol

WinGate Proxy Server is designed to meet the connectivity, control, security and email needs of today’s Internet-connected businesses. WinGate Proxy Server takes the angst out of getting your network connected to the Internet, and making sure it is protected when you get there. WinGate VPN is unsurpassed in its ease of setup and use, yet powerful and flexible. Connect to your office network from home, or connect remote office networks together. NetPatrol's unblinking eyes scour the length and breadth of your LAN and its neighbours ever on the alert for suspicious activity. Why be paranoid when you can let NetPatrol be paranoid for you?
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